Introductory note

This annual report is based on information provided to the EMCDDA by the EU Member States and candidate countries and Norway (participating in the work of the EMCDDA since 2001) in the form of a national report. The statistical data reported here relate to the year 2004 (or the last year available). Graphics and tables in this report may reflect a subset of EU countries: the selection is made on the basis of those countries from which data are available for the period of interest.

The 2006 statistical bulletin ( presents the full set of source tables on which the statistical analysis in the annual report is based. It also provides further detail on the methodology used and over 100 additional statistical graphs.

Country data profiles ( provide a top-level, graphical summary of key aspects of the drug situation for each country.

Three in-depth reviews accompany this report and explore the following issues:

  1. European drug policies: extended beyond illicit drugs?;

  2. a gender perspective on drug use and responding to drug problems; and,

  3. developments in drug use within recreational settings.

The selected issues are available in print and online ( in English only.

The national reports of the Reitox focal points give a detailed description and analysis of the drugs problem in each country and are available on the EMCDDA website (