Annual report 2006: the state of the drugs problem in Europe

Printed version

PDF files of the printed version in the various languages are available from the downloads section.

Welcome to the 2006 annual report from the EU drugs agency.

  • Overview of the European drugs phenomenon in 29 countries.

  • Drug facts, figures and analyses: across Europe and by country.

  • Latest trends and social, legal and political responses.

The 2006 headlines and key facts are included in a PowerPoint presentation.

Where to begin:

  • The main contents page offers easy access to the various sections of the report.

  • The data library provides shortcuts to the data, figures and sources that have been used in the report.

  • The report is complemented by three Selected issues (English) entitled: ‘European drug policies: extended beyond illicit drugs?’; ‘A gender perspective on drug use and responding to drug problems’; and ‘Developments in drug use within recreational settings’.

  • The 2006 statistical bulletin presents the full set of source tables on which the statistical analysis in the report is based. It also provides further detail on the methodology used and over 100 additional statistical graphs.

  • Country data profiles provide a graphical summary of key aspects of national drug situations.

  • The national reports from the Member States and Norway contain a detailed description and analysis of the drugs phenomenon per country.